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PHRF Cruisers

SCOW does not organize cruiser racing. Our boats and skippers participate in other organizations' racing series and regattas. This includes the DISC’s KISS Series (run on Tuesday evening from mid-April through October), the Cherry Blossom Regatta in April, the GEICO Cup regatta in June, the Cantina Cup and the Leukemia Cup regatta in September. See the current list of events under the Local Races web page.


Currently, one boat is available for PHRF racing:  Rebecca (Catalina 25)

Cruiser Racing Skipper Selection

The SCOW Racing Policy establishes rules for racing the cruising boats and Flying Scots.

The Racing Director notifies SCOW-certified Racing Skippers of the availability of boats and of the selected races. Racing Skippers submit their names for consideration to the Racing Director, ideally two to tree weeks before each event. If there are more Racing Skippers than boats, or if there is contention for a specific boat, Racing Director selects skippers by lottery. The Leukemia Cup is an exception to this procedure, as Racing Skippers are selected in the order of the amount of money they collected for the charity.

Boat allocation and skipper names are published on the SCOW website (under PHRF Announcements). Racing Skippers select their own crew. Preference in a given series will be given to a signed-up crew who has not raced previously in the season.

Note: A Cruiser Racing Skipper has met the requirements for skippering a SCOW cruiser in PHRF races. These include, but are not limited to, having demonstrated knowledge of the rules of racing and having served at least a couple of times as race crew on a SCOW cruiser. Details, on how to become a SCOW Cruiser Racing Skipper are found in the SCOW Racing Policy.

Skippers attending DISC's KISS Series must also commit to doing Race Committee at least once in the same year.

Crew Selection

Racing Skippers select their own crew.

SCOW members interested to crew for any of these races can sign-up at the PHRF Crew List or can contact SCOW-certified Racing Skippers directly. To participate on a SCOW boat you must be a SCOW member. If you are not already a member, join and pay your membership fees.

To increase the likelihood of crewing on a racing cruiser, make an effort to become acquainted with each SCOW-certified Racing Skipper and express your interest. Contact the Racing Director for the list of current Racing Skippers. Attend one or more of the DISC Tuesday evening races to meet the SCOW Racing Skippers.

Another way to get involved and make your interest known is to volunteer to help DISC with Race Committee work at Tuesday races. Contact the SCOW Racing Director if you are interested in occasionally crewing on Hiatus with fellow volunteers.

Race Fees and Dues

SCOW pays the associated series and regatta fees for the approved DISC races, but not DISC membership dues. SCOW Racing Skippers selected to sail Rebecca in one of the KISS series or in other DISC races must pay the annual DISC membership dues. In 2016, the DISC membership fee is $20 and the payment be done online through DISC’s website.

Crews who participate in the KISS Series are also recommended to join DISC and pay the membership dues. Membership fees go toward the cost of post-race dock parties that DISC organizes throughout the racing season.

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