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Getting onboard as racing crew is fun and easy.  There is only on requirement.  You must be a SCOW member in order to race as crew on any SCOW club owned boat.  Become a SCOW member.  Below is a list of ways to find a racing skipper.

(1) The easiest way is to attend our social events, introduce yourself to skippers and make your interest known. Social sails on Thursdays and pickup races on Wednesdays are perhaps the best options for meeting people and spending some time on the water. These events are organized weekly through the daylight saving season. Other SCOW events are detailed at the Socialize with Sailors page, listed at SCOW's calendar and advertised through SCOW's mailing list

(2) Another option to locating a boat in need of a crew is by means of our forum. The forum is for members only, therefore to read it or to post a topic you will need to log in first. 

(3) The third way of indicating crewing interest and availability is by signing up at our 'Meet the Crew' sheet, designated for Flying Scot events, or at the PHRF Crew List assigned to SCOW-sanctioned cruiser races.

(4) SCOW members can also contact skippers directly to indicate their crewing interests. The contact information for skippers who are signed up for upcoming events or race in the current series is listed in our Membership Directory (available to SCOW members only).

(5) For those interested in crewing on PHRF Cruisers, we recommend attending the Tuesday Night KISS Racing Series organized by DISC or volunteering for Race Committee work at these events. Besides the PHRF Crew List dedicated to SCOW members interested in cruiser racing, the best way of staying informed about DISC events and contacting their members is through the DISC mailing list.

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